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(New York, November 20, 2022)—  America has never faced an adversary like the Chinese regime before. 

With the world’s largest navy, an economy nearly 80% of that of the U.S., and a level of influence among American elites that the Soviets could only have dreamt of, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has every means now to shake up the U.S.-led order. Yet few Americans are aware of the imminent threat…


The Final War - A 100-Year Plot to Defeat America follows The Epoch Times' award-winning investigator Joshua Philipps and retired U.S. Air Force General Robert Spalding through their journey of awakening to the CCP’s secret war on America. 


With the help of 20 top CCP insiders and trolling through Chinese primary sources, the investigation team behind the viral documentary Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus set on a new journey. The new film seeks to expose the hidden stories of U.S.-China relations over the past seven decades.


But how did it happen? How did China go from an isolated Communist country on the verge of economic collapse to one of the biggest military threats to America? 


The agenda has been implemented right under our noses. 


Katherine Hu, director of The Final War, said: “The CCP is no longer far from fulfilling its decades-long goal, and the United States cannot afford to lose a war between justice and evil, freedom and communism.”


Peter Navarro, a former trade adviser to President Donald Trump, said: “This film will be important in terms of messaging the existential threat that the Chinese Communist Party is to this country.” 


The Final War is an unprecedented combination of personal story and great power politics, history, and the present. What it reveals are the CCP’s most closely guarded secrets, and agendas that threaten current world peace and the future of our children.


The film was screened for the first time on Oct. 13 at an event sponsored by The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. 


“The documentary was extremely factually accurate; it was powerful” 

“The documentary’s deep understanding of the history of China is very apparent”

 “The documentary was very informative”

“I have to wonder if morality will ever truly return to American society, this film gives me hope”

“It pieces together all the concerning elements Westerners have been seeing over the years with the CCP...  The documentary, at its close, really nailed the solution – the ever-deceitful CCP must be cut off absolutely from the rest of the world… ASAP” 

 “Thank you for these stunning revelations and the faith that we can overcome this fearsome enemy that is the CCP… Our new Congress should prioritize this. I, for one, will be contacting my Representative”


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